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At Champagne Family Dentistry, you will always be greeted with a friendly smile and a personal touch. We are passionate about providing a positive and relaxed atmosphere every time you visit our family dental care office.

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Comprehensive Exam and Cleaning

  • Full Mouth X-Rays
  • Intra-Oral Photographs
  • A Complete Oral Evaluation
  • Complete Cleaning and Polishing
  • Oral Cancer Screening
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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Depending on your desired examination, your initial visit may last anywhere from 40-90 minutes. If you have an urgent matter that you’d like addressed without looking at other areas, it will be on the shorter side. If you’d prefer to be seen for a more comprehensive evaluation, you could be with our team for up to 90 minutes.

Depending on your preference, we may also clean your teeth on this visit and provide an evaluation that will outline the status of your existing dental conditions. In the event that any dental issues are identified, specific treatment will be proposed. One of our fantastic patient care coordinators will assist you in determining the perfect first visit for you!

Champagne Family Dentistry Patients First Visit
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us directly to speak to one of our patient care coordinators, or email us at our Sparks or South Meadows office to request an appointment, or schedule your appointment online.

For patients without insurance, Champagne Family Dentistry offers a monthly fee payable in cash, and discounts on services as part of our low-cost, comprehensive Champagne Family Membership Plan.

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Your initial visit may last anywhere from 40-90 minutes depending on your desired level of examination. If you have an urgent matter that you’d like addressed, your evaluation should be shorter, while a more comprehensive dental evaluation could take up to 90 minutes. Depending on your preference, we may also clean your teeth and outline the status of your existing dental condition. In the event that any dental issues are identified, specific treatment will be proposed.

Champagne Family Dentistry offers our patients individualized dental care experience, pairing you with a dedicated Care Team who will manage all of your dental health needs. Consisting of a lead dentist, a hygienist, a dental assistant, and a patient care coordinator, your Care Team will tend to your long-term oral health, offering comfortable, quality, compassionate service every step of the way.

You can schedule your appointment today at Champagne Family Dentistry’s two locations in Sparks and South Meadows, Reno, Nevada.

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At Champagne Family Dentistry, our teams utilize state-of-the-art digital impression and crown milling technology to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Our team of specially trained dental professionals will fabricate dental crowns during a single visit, with no need for messy impressions, temporary fixes, or follow-up visits. Let us help you with your new crown today!

Feel free to call us at our Sparks or South Meadows, Reno locations with any concerns or symptoms you think need medical attention. We will schedule your appointment with an experienced emergency dentist as soon as possible. Need more information now? Check out our dental emergency tips and advice.

We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful and we are dedicated to making our patients more comfortable and knowledgeable when it comes to their dental health— especially when it comes to getting a dental implant of any kind. Our highly qualified and specially trained surgical team excels in state-of-the-art dental implant technology for a quick, pain-free experience.

Contact us at our Sparks or South Meadows for more information.

When patients are missing teeth, we offer full or partial removable dentures. Dentures are constructed of hard plastic and are created using a patient’s dental impressions, allowing a proper fit, feel, and look.

Contact us at our Sparks or South Meadows for more information.

Although determined on a patient-to-patient basis, x-rays are normally suggested every 6 to 18 months. Frequent dental exams allow your family dentist to treat problem areas before they worsen, which often result in more costly procedures. With consistent x-rays, our family dentists are able to see problem areas that are inaccessible in a simple examination.

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Our family dentists will fill cavities with either a naturally-colored composite material, contoured to fit the patient’s mouth to look and feel close to a patient’s natural bite.

Contact us at our Sparks or South Meadows locations for more information.

We offer oral maxillofacial surgery procedures like tooth extractions, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and other specialty dental surgery procedures. Patients will have an initial in-depth consultation with the surgical care team so they are completely comfortable with their course of care before their oral surgery.

Contact us at our Sparks or South Meadows for more information.

The cornerstone of any oral health plan includes monitoring a patient’s gum and bone tissue. When your gums or bone tissue are affected by periodontal disease, cleaning the pockets around teeth to prevent damage to surrounding bone can be an effective way to restore your dental health. We pride ourselves on offering the educational services our patients need, and when patients leave our office they will know how to appropriately clean their teeth and follow a family dental care program unique to their needs, lifestyle, and concerns to avoid periodontal disease and periodontitis.

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We understand that going to the dentist can cause anxiety, stress, or even just a feeling of uneasiness. To ease their minds and make our dentists jobs safer, we offer our patients an array of medically approved calming solutions including IV sedation and oral sedation. We will ensure that you will feel comfortable and at ease during your dental visit with a method you feel comfortable with.

At Champagne Family Dentistry, we offer patients a take-home teeth whitening solution utilizing plastic trays that are customized to fit over your teeth. Patients then place the provided whitening gel in the trays, and place them on their teeth for a prescribed period of time—ranging from a few hours to overnight—over a series of days or weeks for a safe, gradual whitening process.

For our first-time patients, use our easy online system to complete your forms prior to your appointment to ensure a convenient and comfortable visit. We’ll take care of the rest!

At Champagne Family Dentistry, we offer integral oral health services like routine dental exams and radiographs, crowns, dental emergency care, dentures, fillings, and oral surgery. We also provide a take-home teeth whitening solution to beautify your smile.

Champagne Dental Partners offers pediatric dental care at our Champagne Pediatric Dentistry practices located in Sparks and South Meadows, Reno. Our specialized Champagne Pediatric Dentistry staff emphasizes preventive dental care for children to make sure our younger patients are set up for a lifetime of smiles.

Visit the Champagne Pediatric Dentistry website to learn more!

Check out Champagne Family Dentistry’s blog for fun dental tips, community activities, and news about what’s going on in our practice.

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Throughout your life, you will have two sets of teeth: primary (baby) teeth and secondary (permanent) teeth. At age 6-8 months, the primary teeth appear; all 20 are in place by age 3.

The eight teeth at the very front of your mouth are called incisors.

Located next to your incisors, the sharp “fang-like” teeth are called canines.

The teeth next to the canine, or “fang-link” teeth, are referred to as premolars or bicuspids.

The teeth in the very back of your mouth, next to the premolars or bicuspids, are called molars.

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Our patients know that being a part of our Champagne Family Dentistry community means having dental professionals that care about your whole family—and starting every day with a brighter, healthier smile. Call today or click below to schedule your first appointment today!