Cupid is readying his bow and arrow for the day of love. Classic treats like boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine make for a delicious and sentimental date. While we would not blame you for forgetting about dental health on a romantic date, choosing certain treats over others helps keep teeth lovably white. Here are a few tips to choosing treats both teeth and significant others will love.

White or red wine?

The eternal question for health conscious wine lovers is which wine is better for teeth. The answer is the gorgeously colored reds. Even though red wine is infamous for the film left on teeth, that film acts as a shield against bacteria. But do not get too excited. Red wine does still stain teeth, so a limit of 1 glass with the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is enough.

Darker chocolate for eye-catching teeth

Before dipping strawberries in chocolate or opening up a box of mixed treats, remember to choose dark varieties of chocolate. Studies have shown that the antioxidants in dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa helps fight plaque and strengthen enamel. While it is still a good idea to not go overboard and consume chocolate in moderation, feel comfortable splurging this month and choose dark chocolate to help keep teeth lovably white.

Scrape the tongue for fresh breath

A lot of bacteria hides in the back of the mouth where a regular toothbrush has trouble reaching. Using a simple scraper helps fight bacterial buildup that leads to poor breath. An affordable scraper available in many grocery stores is greatly effective and will help cut down on bad breath. Now you have irresistible fresh breath perfect for Valentine’s Day!