We’ve all heard our family dentist warn us about eating certain foods like sugar rich candy, and acidic fruits when it comes to being bad on our teeth but did you know that there are also a few surprising foods that actually help improve your smile and family dental health?

Milk & Yogurt: Foods high in calcium not only strengthen our teeth but help to improve & naturally brighten our enamel without the need for scheduling a professional teeth whitening service!

Broccoli: Raw broccoli helps keep your teeth looking bright and clean as the florets naturally scrub the surface of your teeth without sticking to them, much like your toothbrush!

Celery & Carrots: Vegetables that yield a high water content are great for minimizing food debris and stains on your teeth. Instead of overpacking your childs lunchbox with sugary treats our pediatric dentist would suggest loading them up with their favorite raw veggies!

Apples: We all know the saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well, the same goes for your family dentist! The crunchier the better! Eating an apple helps to strengthen gums while like raw veggies, contains high water content that helps to wash away plaque, & bacteria while neutralizing acidity.

Seeds & Nuts: Aside for being high in protein, vitamins, and healthy fat content, seeds and nuts help to clean the surface of your teeth by naturally scrubbing away plaque and stains.

Cheese: Much like milk & yogurt, cheese contains healthy amounts of calcium. However, the whiter the cheese, the better it is for you teeth! Mozzarella & goat cheese are great examples of what to eat when it comes to strengthening your teeth, and avoiding a professional teeth whitening service!

Whole family dental health is extremely important to Champagne Family Dentistry. In fact, it’s our #1 priority! Not only do we care about teeth & gums but the overall health of our patients as well! By practicing good family dental care habits & eating the right foods we want our patients to maintain healthy bodies that create happy smiles to last a lifetime!