Champagne Family Dentistry is excited to announce that we have a new loyalty program set up for our patients! Over the years, our practice has been blessed with amazing people in our community who have become an extension of our family… These loyal patients make us happy to come to work everyday and bring a daily dose of sunshine to our lives! To say thank you, we have decided to participate in a universal reward program known as Belly.

What is our patient loyalty program all about?

It’s a simple and easy way for us to show our patients that we appreciate them. The program allows you to swipe a card every time you come into our practice and earn points that you may redeem for different oral health care products! We have also included a reward that allows you to donate money to your favorite charity! Some of our favorites are listed below.

What rewards can you get?

Rewards range in value and some options that we have available to patients are Total Care Mouthwash, Whitening Strips, Prevident (Fluoride) Toothpaste, Waterpiks, and Sonicare Toothbrushes. We have also included a reward that allows you to donate money to your charity/organization of choice (this one is a patient favorite)!

How do you sign up?

The next time you come in for an appointment you can ask one of our front office staff members to get you a Belly card. Once you have obtained a card, which will have your own personal QR code, you will swipe in at an iPad located at our front desk. After your initial visit, all you need to do at subsequent appointments is swipe in (or check in with your email) to collect points! You will be notified of your points at each check-in.

Some of our favorite charities/organizations to donate to:

Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows

The Nevada Humane Society