Your dental appointment is rapidly approaching, which means cram time, right?

Wrong. Dentists can tell whether or not you’re a regular flosser, and even what you’ve had for lunch! Here are a few tips on how to prep before your next dental visit.

Foods to avoid, and foods to enjoy!

There is a misconception that you shouldn’t eat before going to the dentist. This is a huge dental myth! The mouth naturally generates saliva to process food. With the invasion of dental tools, the mouth sends saliva glands into hyper-drive, assuming it needs to break down food. When meals are skipped, doctors see an excess of saliva, which slows the process of bonding, filling and crown work.

Avoid highly acidic foods, such as tomatoes, orange juice, or cranberries. Especially avoid drinking any soda or sports drinks before your visit. The acid breaks down the enamel and increases the risk of abrasion when brushing or flossing.

An ideal meal to eat before your check up is a chicken salad with an apple. The protein in the chicken will not cause you to crash when you’re in the middle of the appointment. Plus, avoiding carbs is a bonus. Carbs are broken down into sugar by saliva, which increases the acidity of your mouth. The lettuce and apples act as nature’s toothbrush, removing plaque from the teeth as you chew.

Be sure to freshen your mouth up at least one hour before your visit by brushing and rinsing. This helps remove any excess food from your mouth and create a clean “palate” for the hygienist.

Don’t be a faux flosser

Most people believe that if they floss and brush heavily before an appointment, it will make up for weeks (or months!) of neglect. Sadly, your dentist and hygienist will be able to tell that you have not been keeping up with your dental routine.

When you don’t floss, you are missing 40 percent of the tooth’s surface area. Infrequent flossers can experience inflammation and potential bleeding after a hygienist is finished.

So, what did we learn? Eat healthy, live healthy and maintain a positive dental routine.

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