Family dental care – What is a cavity?

Ah, that dreaded c-word. A cavity is a hole that develops when part of a  tooth decays. Cavities can grow bigger and deeper over time resulting in either an unwanted extraction or kids root canal. Why, you ask? Bottom line: plaque. Without proper brushing and flossing techniques, plaque (made up mostly of germs) can build up on your teeth promoting acids that eat away tooth enamel.

Proper oral hygiene habits combined with regular family dental care & pediatric dental care visits help to reduce the chances of developing a cavity in the first place. If you do have a cavity, your family dentist can repair it by removing the decay and filling the hole in your tooth with special material called a “filling”.

Top three signs you have a cavity:


The “Ouch” Factor. Everyone develops a toothache at some point or another but a good indication its a cavity is if you are experiencing consistent pain in just one spot.

Hot & Cold Sensitivity. Your family dentist will tell you that a good indication of a cavity is if you have developed an extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Normally, you should be able to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or an ice cream cone without experiencing any pain.

A Black Hole. While many times it is often very difficult to detect an actual cavity, a clear indication that you have one is if you are able to see the formation of a dark hole or pit in your tooth. If this is the case, our family dentist would recommend scheduling a family dental care appointment immediately if the cavity becomes visible.