When the holiday season comes around, sweets are unavoidable. Despite the irresistible chocolate assortments, homebaked cookies and popcorn tins in the office, don’t forget about your oral hygiene. Here are some dos and don’ts of the holiday season:


• Brush your teeth for the required 2 minutes. Sing jingle bells or your favorite Christmas carol to keep track of time.
• Pair cheese with your glass of wine. Cheese counteracts the high acidic content in alcohol. Cheese is also high in calcium which helps promote stronger teeth.
• Eat protein! Protein and phosphorous protect teeth from tooth decay and make them stronger.
• Offer veggie plates and fruit platters alongside chocolate and sugary treats. Vitamins in fruits and vegetables strengthen enamel and hard vegetables help loosen plaque. For example, carrots and broccoli are excellent choices, high in Vitamin A, which helps promote a healthy mouth.


• Drink too much sweet ciders and punches. These contain a high sugar content and increase risk for cavities.
• Drink too much wine. The high acidic content is rough on teeth; though, don’t be afraid to indulge in a glass or two. Wine in moderation has been shown to strengthen teeth.
• Go easy on sticky candies. Caramels and chewy chocolates are likely to get stuck in the teeth causing a higher chance for cavities.
• Open packages with your teeth. Avoid opening anything with your teeth. It reduces your risk of chipping or breaking a tooth.
• Graze the snack table like a sheep. Chewing on multiple snacks throughout the day gives your teeth greater chance for decay since food will have a longer contact period. Stay hydrated with water to help rinse off excess food particles.

Above all of our dos and don’ts, enjoy the holidays.

Don’t worry too much about drinking water instead of wine or holding back on the snacks. Spend time with loved ones, play games, watch movies, sing carols and talk by the fire.

2016 has been a great year. To better serve our growing list of patients, we opened a new building and started our new pediatric center. Thank you for everything. The team at Champagne wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

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