Chat with Us!
New Online Chat FeatureDo you have an urgent question or dental concern? We invite you to chat with us! We’ve implemented a new chat feature on the Champagne Family Dentistry website and Champagne Pediatric Dentistry website that allows our patients to reach our front desk staff in an instant during business and after hours.  

To access the chat feature, click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen. A popup menu will appear, offering the ability to input your zip code and reach staff at the location closest to you in South Meadows or Sparks. In addition, you can enter your mobile number and your communication with our staff will be in the form of texts.

“We want to provide our patients and people who are searching for trusted dental care the opportunity to reach us however they feel most comfortable,” said Dr. Jason Champagne, CEO. “This feature can be used to schedule appointments, ask dental-related questions, and connect with us when you need us. We are here to help.”

Please remember, we do our best to respond promptly after hours; however, there may be a delay.

Schedule Your Appointment Online
We’ve made it easier for patients to schedule dental appointments online. Easily input your name, email, phone number, and preferred service and our front desk staff will follow up with you to set your appointment date and time. It’s as easy as that!

Review Us
We love to know what you think of your visits! Now when you leave our office, you’ll receive a text link to leave a review on the Google business page of the practice and location you visited. We feel that if you are happy, your friends will be too!