For many of us, summer smells like baby back ribs, seared salmon and charred vegetables. Wherever your grill marks fall, do it among friends and family! Read up on our tips for having the best summer barbecue.

Be a grill master

At the center of any summer barbecue lies an epic grill —and epic grills are kept clean. When was the last time you scraped and scrubbed your grill racks? Always remember to start with a clean, oiled grill so food doesn’t stick.

Grill it and leave it

Once an ice-cold cut of meat hits a searing hot grill, the pores close, locking internal juices as it cooks. When your meat is grilled to temperature, remove from heat and let it “rest” for a few minutes. Do not stab it with knives to check for wellness—or risk releasing juice and drying out the meat.

Fruit it up

Grilled fruit? Interesting but delicious! Try grilling pineapple or peaches for a tasty after dinner treat or side dish. This peach cobbler or grilled pineapple with cinnamon honey drizzle are healthy additions to any meal.

Plan Plan Plan

Are we having hamburgers or steak? Roasted veggies or french fries? Barbeque or hoisin sauce? Creating a detailed menu is key to easy summer barbecues. Whether you are hosting the entire neighborhood or just your family, knowing what ingredients to prep and time needed to cook will allow for a peaceful beachside margarita.

Don’t sideline those side dishes

Although grilled meats usually are the main attraction at summer barbecues, side dishes are important too—especially if some of your guests are non-meat eaters. With summer comes fresh fruits and vegetables like sweet corn and watermelon. Check out this simple watermelon gazpacho, or herbed sweet corn and tomato salad for easy side dish options.

Remember, summer barbecues are meant to be easy and enjoyable and filled with delicious food. We hope these tips can help you plan your next one.

Please have a safe and relaxing Fourth of July!

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