About ‘Give Kids A Smile’ Day:

We are so excited to be hosting another ‘Give Kids A Smile’ Day on September 20th, 2014! This will be our third time participating in ‘Give Kids A Smile,’ which is a national event allowing dentists and other dental health professionals to provide dental care to children in underserved communities.

Dentists and other members from Champagne Family Dentistry will be volunteering their time and services to provide screenings, treatments, and education to children in need within the Northern Nevada Community, specifically the Reno/Sparks area. We will be taking care of the oral health needs of 60 children who have pre-qualified through the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program. We try to make this event as fun as possible for the kids, in hopes of showing them that a lifetime of good oral health is of utmost importance!


Champagne Family Dentistry has participated in the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program since its inception roughly nine years ago. In addition, our team provides year round volunteer services during normal hours of operation.

A Statement from Dr. Jason to the Northern Nevada Community:

“We created our ‘Give Kids A Smile’ event to address the urgent dental needs of our pediatric community and to highlight problems that remain in underprivileged areas. We want to be a part of the solution—our children deserve a better health care system that addresses their dental needs. We also worry about the thousands of children who need dental care who won’t be at the event—the ones who continue to have trouble eating, sleeping, and paying attention in class because their teeth are in such bad shape.”


Information for Parents/Guardians:

The following qualifications must be met for a child to receive dental services through ‘Give Kids A Smile:” children under the age of 18, children with Medicaid or Nevada Check Up, children with no dental insurance, and children that meet the FPL income guidelines up to 200%. 

The following information will be required from the NNDHP upon registration: proof of income (2 months), proof of address, and proof of household composition.

Contact the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program:

To see if your child qualifies for care please contact Monica Vazquez at the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program: NNDHP@chanevada.org, 775.870.4309