Food & Beverages

We all want a healthy, dazzling smile. However, when it comes to overall family dental health, regular brushing and flossing may not be enough. Does your smile still need a face-lift? The reason behind this might be due to what you’re drinking.

We all know that after a professional teeth whitening service that its important to watch what we eat for the next 48 hours. It’s common to stay away from stain causing foods like dark chocolate, stews, beets, tomato sauce, soy sauce and blueberries. Instead, any family dentist will tell you that foods such as milk, yogurt, raw veggies, apples, cheese & nuts are a much better choice when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a bright smile. Often times however, we forget that the drinks we consume are just as important. When it comes to family dental care, keep in mind of this list of beverages to watch out for:

Beverage Culprits: wine, coffee, soda & sports drinks

Wine – Wine has been a favorite beverage among people for thousands of years. While some of you may not be happy with this news, it’s not just red wines that are the culprit. In fact both red, AND white wines contain large amount of acidity that naturally soften tooth enamel. Red wines on the other hand should definitely be avoided if you want to maintain a bright smile especially if you’ve recently undergone a professional teeth whitening service.

Coffee – Who doesn’t like a good cup of Joe to help kick start us in the morning? Unfortunately, much like wine, coffee is extremely acidic that in addition leads to unwanted stains. Dark, black teas also have the same effect.

Sports Drinks – After a hard workout, sports drinks can be great thirst-quenchers. Unfortunately they also contain high amounts of sugar and acid that eventually lead to the decay of tooth enamel. Water is a much better alternative when it comes to your overall family dental health.

Healthy Beverage Alternatives

A good rule of thumb is to stay away from any drink that if spilled would stain your carpet. Luckily though, by visiting your family dentist for a regular family dental care visit, or teeth whitening service, the side effects are often reversible (or) repairable if properly maintained. Water, milk, and real fruit juice are not only better for your smile but overall health as well. You’ll be amazed by how much your teeth AND your body will thank you for it!