WE RECENTLY ASKED DR. REBECCA RORES a few questions about her dentistry career. Here are her answers. We thought you’d find it interesting!

How old were you, and what made you decide you wanted to become a dentist?

“I was 24 years old and working for a dentist in Oakland.”

Where did you attend school and how long have you been practicing?

“I attended the University of Washington and got my degree in cell and molecular biology. I got my dental degree at UNLV SDM, and did my residency at Dallas Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center.”

What advice would you give to a young person considering a career in dentistry?

“If they have the oppurtunity to work in a dental practice or shadow a dentist, they should take it and learn as much as you can about dentistry before making the commitment.”

What is the one thing you find most satisfying about being a dentist?

“I love helping people and educating patients on the importance of oral health.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Dr. Rores better! And, as always, THANKS for being our valued patients and friends!

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