In support of the Biggest Little City Movement— Here is Dr. Guillen’s story about why he loves to call Reno his home!

BIG Motivation. Little Gloom.

Growing up in Fallon, Reno always seemed like a big city to me—full of excitement and opportunity. After graduating high school, I attended UNR for my undergraduate degree followed by UNLV for my dental degree. It was in dental school that I realized Reno was where I planned on starting a career, retiring, and growing old. To me, Reno is so much more than a zip code on a mailing address—it’s a city with every quality I could hope for in a “home.” I like everything about Reno—the size, the activities, and the hometown feeling that has always existed here. My fiancé and I are proud to call the Biggest Little City our home, and we hope to not only live in this community for many years to come but to be a part of its growth and community involvement initiatives.