Dr. Cariann’s ‘Little Story’ on why she loves the Biggest Little City

BIG Change. LITTLE Regret.

I never plan on leaving Reno. I love everything about the Biggest Little City—the sunsets, the seasons, the wonderful people, the community that has been established here. Most of all, I love how the people in this city come together to support others living within it. Whether it’s charities, schools, or foundations—the citizens of this state’s ‘little city’ have some of the world’s biggest hearts. My favorite thing about Reno is that there are two degrees of separation between people—we’re not just citizens of a town, we’re friends and family. I grew up in San Jose and moved here in 2001 to be with my husband. Shortly after I moved to Reno, my parents followed me here. They love it just as much as I do, and they are grateful that they are retiring in the world’s best-kept secret. My first impression of Reno—the one that stole my heart—was driving down the street and seeing everyone wave and smile as I drove by. ‘Biggest little’ gestures like this didn’t happen a lot where I grew up. It’s little things like this that fill my heart with gratitude on a daily basis.