“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Karen Davison

We were going to use this blog post to share Dr. Rebecca Rores’ Biggest Little City story, but as we sat down to talk with her… we thought sharing her love of animals was something we just HAD to blog about. Her passion for animals has inspired many of us here at the office to take a deeper look at how we go about bringing animals into our families!

Dr. Rores adopted her first dog, Ruger, from High Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA. Ruger was 10 weeks old when he was adopted and is an Australian shepherd dog mix. “Ruger changed my outlook on how I bring a dog into my family—I couldn’t imagine not rescuing a dog ever again.”

Dr. Rores’ second dog, Iris, was rescued when she was a year old. Iris’ picture was posted on Lost and Found Pets of Northern Nevada and she had one more day to live until Dr. Rores decided to foster her. After fostering Iris, Dr. Rores couldn’t imagine giving her away to anyone… It was at that moment that Iris became a permanent part of the family!

Many of us here at the office have chosen to adopt dogs from our local shelters! We hope that when it’s time for you to bring another member into your family that you will consider saving the life of a shelter animal. We have listed some resources below if you would like to research, volunteer, or adopt a little friend that could change your life!

SPCA of Northern Nevada

Nevada Humane Society

Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary

Puppy Mill Free Reno/Sparks (Dog Advocates)

High Sierra Animal Rescue (Portola, CA)

Northern Nevada Bulldog Rescue

Lost and Found Pets of Northern Nevada

Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation (Incline Village)

Pet Harbor