Wondering what to do with all that leftover Easter chocolate? Save it! If it’s dark chocolate that is. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa can actually fight plaque and strengthen enamel.


The Archives of Oral Biology Journal released studies conducted at Osaka University in Japan confirming that cocoa bean can actually prevent tooth decay and plaque. Basically, dark chocolate has enough antioxidants to block the spread of acid producing bacteria that harms enamel.


The American Dental Association Foundation and the Journal of Dental Research took this one step further by conducting multiple studies on the affects of toothpaste that included cocoa bean extract. The researchers discovered that the natural agents found in dark chocolate not only ward off harmful bacteria, but also strengthen the enamel surface of teeth. That’s why the dental health giant, Crest recently released a mint chocolate flavored toothpaste.


It’s safe to keep those chocolaty treats you collected from Easter, as long as you steer clear of milk and white chocolate — strictly commit to dark. We certainly don’t recommend eating copious amounts of chocolate, but a small quantity of dark chocolate a few times a week will keep your smile healthy. Now maybe you’ll think twice before tossing that dark chocolate Easter bunny.