Champagne Family Dentistry launches a sub-brand and second location for Champagne Pediatric Dentistry, July 11, 2016, sharing an office with Welmerink Orthodontics on the corner of Mae Anne Avenue and Ambassador Drive. Dr. Cariann Champagne will fulfill the growing demand for pediatric dentistry through exams and radiographs, preventative oral healthcare, restorative treatment and sedation services.

“My husband and I live and raise our family in northwest Reno,” said Cariann Champagne, pediatric dentist at Champagne Pediatric Dentistry. “We are excited to serve the growing need for pediatric oral healthcare while being closer to home.”

The population of Reno is projected to reach 638,302 by 2019, according to a study by the Economic Planning Indicators Committee (EPIC). Reno will add more than 52,000 workers to the job force, and experience a 7.1 increase in population from 2015 to 2019.

The influx of workers and families requires the infrastructure to support it, including dental facilities like Champagne Pediatric Dentistry.

“The more children we welcome into our community, the higher the demand for pediatric dentistry,” said Dr. Jason Champagne, CEO of Champagne Pediatric Dentistry. “Our goal is to provide preventative healthcare, and build successful, healthy smiles for the future.”

Children often show signs of oral pain through anxiety, irritability, fatigue or withdrawal from normal activities. Acute dental pain and oral diseases are distracting, hinder self-esteem, and can cause academic failure.

“We love our kids,” said Dr. Jason Champagne. “We now have a space to serve Reno’s expanding population, while providing the best pediatric care possible.”

To schedule an appointment at Champagne Pediatric Dentistry, visit: or call 775-359-3934.

Champagne Pediatric Dentistry is a sub-brand of Champagne Family Dentistry. The main office in Sparks, Nev. will continue to provide both pediatric services and general care.


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