There are haunting things coming around the corner for Halloween. Scary costumes, scary decorations, and scariest of all, cavities. Children consume tons of candy during the holiday, which can cause detrimental dental problems. Scientifically, the best way to avoid sugar overdose is to completely avoid candy, but that is no fun at all. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween without going overboard and reduce the risk for cavities.

Spread out candy consumption

The average trick-or-treater consumes 3.4 pounds of candy during the holiday. Not only does that cause a tummy-ache, but it can cause a tooth-ache as well. A lot of candy stays fresh for months at a time, so encourage your child to consume only a little bit each day. Not only will this reduce the chance of getting a cavity, but it also spreads out the Halloween joy a little longer.

Prepare ahead of time

Good dental hygiene is important year-round. Especially during Halloween, strong teeth will survive the onslaught of candy and help prevent cavities. Fluoride in particular is especially useful for strengthening teeth. Thankfully, fluoride is added to both toothpaste and public drinking water, making it easy to protect teeth.

Catch cavities early

In the worst-case scenario when your child does end up getting a cavity, don’t worry. The pediatric care of Champagne Family Dentistry is here for you. Regularly scheduled cleanings every 6 months will catch many cavities before they become big enough to cause problems.