Now that the weather is bright and clean for summer, your teeth should be too. Learn from Dr. Drew, Champagne Family Dentistry’s own Dr. Drew that is, teeth care tips on how to keep those pearly whites nice and bright by watching the video below.

Teeth Tips with Champagne Family Dentistry’s Dr. Drew

You’ve probably heard it from the dentist before, “Brush your teeth before bed and make sure to floss.” Preventing your teeth from bad health in the first place is a highly effective way to maintain your smile. Like Dr. Drew mentioned, there are many ways you can keep your teeth clean throughout the day without picking up a toothbrush.

1. Avoid food and drinks that cause stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc. While coffee is often a necessary part of many people’s day, it stains teeth. Be careful not to go overboard to get the caffeine fix.

2. Drink lots of water. Water throughout the day hydrates your mouth and keeps stains from sticking. Research by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends men drink 2.5 liters of water daily, slightly more than a half-gallon, while women should drink 2.0 liters, exactly a half-gallon. Not only will this keep your body hydrated, it also helps to prevent stains from sticking to teeth in the first place.

3. Eat foods high in fiber. They act as a detergent and wash your teeth. Detergent cleans your clothes, why not clean your teeth the same way? Okay, don’t actually use laundry detergent on your teeth, but eat high fiber foods instead. Fiber acts like a brush and will help scrub your teeth clean.

4. Sugarless gum stimulates salivary flow which reduces stains from sticking to your teeth. Just like water, saliva helps keep your mouth clean and prevent stains from sticking in the first place. Chewing gum stimulates saliva, but make sure to chew sugarless gum so your teeth aren’t harmed from the sugar.

5. Routine brushing and flossing, especially below the gum line, can reduce stain causing bacteria and help eliminate stains. The best way to keep up a white smile is brush your teeth and floss!

6. Bleach and whitening products from the dentist are an effective way of reducing stains on your teeth. So you’ve done everything Dr. Drew told you to do right? If those teeth are still stained, then get a whitening kit from your dentist to turn those dull whites into bright lights.

Removing teeth stains might be tough, but preventing them from appearing in the first place is easy. Just brush and floss every day, drink water, eat high fiber foods and chew sugarless gum. If the old fashioned way doesn’t do the trick, then get those stains removed whether they like it or not with bleaching products.