It’s that wonderful time of the year where 2016 resolutions are in full swing. Oral care is a popular resolution here in the office at Champagne Family Dentistry and hopefully a popular one for our patients too! Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to keep teeth bright and stay on top of those resolutions.

Floss at least once a day

Bacteria are sneaky and love to hide in the small spaces between teeth. Flossing will ensure bacteria are prevented from calling teeth home and wreaking havoc.

Slow down with brushing

Vigorous brushing might be done with the best intentions, but brushing too hard can be harmful to teeth. Forceful brushing can break down tooth enamel and push back gums, making it easier for bacteria to create cavities or other harmful oral disorders. Use a brush with soft bristles and slowly brush teeth for a beautiful smile.

Ease up on the added sugar

It’s no wonder why added sugar is popular among children. Sweet treats get kids hyper and set taste buds ablaze. But oral bacteria love sugar just as much as children. According to the American Heart Association, children age eight and younger should consume no more than four teaspoons per day and children or adults over age eight should consume no more than eight teaspoons per day. Moderation is key when it comes to sugar.

Protect teeth when playing contact sports

Once adult teeth come through, it’s supposed to be for life. Use a mouth guard when playing contact sports to protect teeth from getting knocked out. But don’t worry, even in the worst case scenario teeth can still be salvaged. Check out the ways to handle a dental emergency here.

Keep toothbrushes clean

Treat cleanliness like a two-way street. Take care of your toothbrush and it will take care of you. Rinse out brushes thoroughly and let it air dry to prevent bacteria from forming on the damp bristles. But don’t get too attached to brushes. Replace them every three to four months to keep both the brushes and teeth bacteria free.

Use a tongue scraper

Nobody likes bad breath. A lot of bad breath bacteria forms on the back of the tongue, which can be difficult for regular toothbrushes to reach. Use a basic tongue scraper for a healthy mouth and great breath.

Now get on it and take care of those teeth! Give your smile the 2016 it deserves.