Valentine’s Day is approaching. You probably have a nice dinner planned with candles and flowers—maybe even a mariachi band. Amid the romance, don’t forget the most important part: your smile. Here are five helpful tips:  

  • Avoid breath killers: Whether you are going out to eat or making a Valentine’s Day dinner at home, avoid garlic, onions, and peppers. These foods are high in sulfur which is absorbed into the bloodstream and expelled through the breath.
  • Choose natural toothbrushes: Sweet foods and desserts increase the acidic content in the mouth. High acidity spawns the growth of bad bacteria which causes bad breath. Enjoy hard fruits and vegetables, like celery, carrots and apples. These act as nature’s natural toothbrushes, and remove bacteria as you chew.
  • Eat cheese before wine: At your big dinner, you may indulge in a glass, or two, of wine. Red wine sticks to plaque buildup, resulting in purple-stained teeth. Be sure to brush well before dinner to avoid “wine mouth.” Wine also affects the acidic content in the mouth. The most delicious way to combat acidity is by eating cheese! Order a cheese platter, rich in phosphorus and calcium, to level pH levels.
  • Cleanse with ginger: Did you run out of mints? Don’t panic. Nibble on a little ginger. Ginger is a palate cleanser, a natural breath supporter, a digestive aid and another one of nature’s natural toothbrushes.
  • Smart Dental Practices: The easiest fix for a clean mouth is to brush your teeth and use mouthwash—but not consecutively. Wait several minutes before using mouthwash to allow for the fluoride in toothpaste to set in. If mouthwash is used too soon, it washes away fluoride, which makes teeth susceptible to cavities.

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